CFFC 21 Event Highlights

Bryan Lashomb vs Justin Hickey

Bryan Lashomb vs Justin Hickey

Unfortunately, we arrived a little late to CFFC 21. Kate was contracted to photograph the CAPITOL HILL CLASSIC VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT in Washington DC , which featured over 700 teams competing in an exhausting 3 day tournament.  None the less, we found a way to make a road trip to Richmond and caught the majority of the CFFC 21 Event.  Although, we missed the first few fights of the night, we arrived just in time to see Scott Noble face Devon Izzel in what was one of the more exciting fights of the night.

Last time we saw Noble was at Operation Octagon XXI, a match in which he won via spectacular KO in just 8 seconds. Devon Izzel proved to be a very game opponent for Noble, trading shots with him early on and staying in the pocket willing to slug it out. Despite his valiant efforts, Noble got the better of Izzel in the majority of the exchanges and landed the harder strikes. Noble unsuccessfully went for a few of his trademark flying kicks, and ended up landing on his behind.  Fortunately for him, Izzel was unable to capitalize on his mistakes. Towards the end of round 1, both fighters were noticeably fatigued and Izzel was unable to come out for a 2nd round.

Winner – Scott Noble via doctor stoppage.


The MAIN EVENT featured MMA Institute pupil and CFFC veteran Bryan “The Angry Elf” Lashomb  (5-1) vs Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts – Justin “The Butcher” Hickey (6-3).

Although Hickey got the better of Lashome early on, for the most part, this was a back and forth affair well into the 3rd round. A great match up by the promotion as both men had very  balanced skill sets in the cage. In the end, Hickey pulled away with a close decision win. Lashome put on a respectable performance, and never lost his will to win the fight.

Winner – Justin Hickey via decision

Overall, this was a fantastic event.









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