Scott Noble Interview

We caught up with Scott Noble after his Operation Octagon victory, and here is what he had to say.

Cageside : How long have you trained MMA?

Scott Noble : I’ve currently been training for 7 months

Cageside : What gym are you currently training at?

Scott Noble : I’m currently training at MMA Institute in Harrisonburg Va

Cageside : How did you get involved with OO Fights?

Scott Noble: My trainer set up a fight with OO after my first fight for CFFC

Cageside : What are your thoughts on the OO Fights promotion?

Scott Noble : I liked the promotion it was a packed house, live fans, pretty ring girls…good atmosphere

Cageside : I read that you were a Football Running back at JMU, how has that experience helped prepare you for MMA?

Scott Noble : Playing running back helps with my reaction and natural athletic ability.

Cageside : What are your long term goals in MMA?

Scott Noble : I eventually want to go pro and compete at the highest level when I’m ready.

Cageside : What other pursuits outside of MMA are you involved in?

Scott Noble : Not many, besides watching movies and chilling with friends training to be good takes a lot of time and focus, so i don’t have much time to do other things.

Cageside : Did your family attend the event?

Scott Noble : No my family didn’t attend this event but some of my cousins came to my first fight.

Cageside : Who are some of your favorite fighters?

Scott Noble : I’m Big Fans of Anderson Silva(of course), Michael Bisping, Rashad Evans, Jon Jones, Cyrus Washington( professional Thai fighter), Floyd Mayweather jr, Muhammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Mike Zambidis.

Cageside : Which UFC Fighters style, do you most compare yourself to?

Scott Noble : I like to identify myself as more of a striker, but I can also grapple, sprawl and brawl pretty much.

Cageside : Who is your biggest supporter?

Scott Noble : My Biggest Fan and supporter is my mother. Even though she hasn’t seen me fight, all she wants to talk about is how fighting is going.

Cageside : Who is your favorite super hero and why?

Scott Noble : Mt Favorite superhero would have to be

Cageside : You won by a spectacular first round high kick KO in just 8 seconds, you literally jumped in the air and landed sideways on the ground after making contact. What made you decide to go for such a move?

Scott Noble : Well when he came out, he had his hands considerably low,  so I  knew that  I would be able to land a kick if I threw it hard enough. I thought it hit hard, and on target. It was like kicking thru air, so I swept myself off my feet from the force I guess….

Cageside : What did you know about your opponent going into the fight?

Scott Noble : Well I knew he supposedly had some boxing experience, and he had at least 10lbs on me, but that’s all the info I had on him.

Cageside : Your fight almost got cancelled due to an “equipment malfunction”, rumor has it that your opponent forgot his cup. Would you have loaned him yours in order for the match to happen?

Scott Noble : LOL, No I couldn’t loan him my cup. Then I wouldn’t of had one of my own, but if I had an extra, yes he could have it for keeps…You just cant be sharing cups! That’s not cool.

Cageside : Did you have a chance to speak to your opponent after the fight?

Scott Noble : No i didn’t… I was able to shake his hand after the fight in the ring but naw man, I didn’t get a chance to see him after the fight.

Cageside : You fought at a catchweight of 200 lbs., what do you feels is the best weight class for you?

Scott Noble : Middleweight class is the best class for me, because its an easy cut for me and I still feel healthy and explosive.

Cageside : Do you have any idea on when your next bout might be?

Scott Noble : Well I currently have a fight scheduled for CFFC February 23rd in Richmond VA.

Cageside : Thank you for taking the time to speak with Cageside Media, we look forward to watching your progress in the months to come.

Scott Noble : Thanks for having me and I look foward to talking to you soon again

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